Hello, my name is Kathy and I want to welcome you to our Shades of Cream Golden Retrievers website.  We hope your visit to our site is fun & informative. 

If you own or have owned a Golden Retriever then you know how loyal, loving, gentle, sweet, & laid back the breed.  If you have never owned a Golden Retriever you have so much to look forward to getting to know the amazing breed.  They are very smart, obedient dogs and easy to train.  They love to fetch a frisbee or ball.  If you go from your home for fifteen minutes or five hours, your Golden Retriever will greet you with exuberant. 

Take the time to visit each page of our site and enjoy your visit to our Shades of Cream Golden Retrievers.  I hope to hear from you soon so you can become part of our Family. 

God Bless!