About Us

Shades of Cream Goldens is a small kennel that is registered with American Kennel Club and located in the beautiful old town of Catonsville, Maryland.  We breed Golden Retrievers for health, personality and of course beauty!  Our Goldens have that luxurious cream coat that makes their beautiful, striking black eyes & nose stand out.  We specialize in Shades of Cream Goldens.  We just love our sweet, loving male & two females, King Cooper, Eva & Daisy. They are so incredibly loving to whoever gives them any attention, which is first, my retired husband & I, then our fabulous four children & their spouses, plus our eight wonderful grandchildren. So, our first litter in our Shades of Cream Golden Kennel will be from our unique couple, Cooper & Eva.  We are very excited to announce she is pregnant and due at the end of June, 2018.  Their puppies will be so spoiled from me & all my family members until they are yours to spoil FurEver! 


It all began about thirty years ago when my sister & I were neighbors next door to each other.  Together we bred precious miniature & tea-cup poodles and they brought such joy to our kids and many families in the Baltimore area.  Remember, we had no internet back then, so it was just word of mouth that went throughout our big city.  We took a break from breeding poodles after a while because we moved to another town. Soon after our oldest daughter Katie got married, she & her husband bought a beautiful Ragdoll kitten.  We were so fascinated by how beautiful, calm & friendly she was to everyone.  This began our new venture, my daughter & I began to breed Ragdolls.  The cattery was ran very professional, with a website & Facebook page, we called it FurEverRags Ragdolls.  


As my husband was planning his retirement, he began to research to find the most loving, friendly, obedient, playful, intelligent, well-mannered, great with kids kind of a dog.  That is when he found the perfect dog for us, Golden Retriever!  I really liked the creamier colored and that's when we found Eva first, from Ukraine, Cooper, from Wisconsin & Daisy, from Indiana.  They all three have great personalities and are beautifully different shades of cream.  All of their parents have been health tested genetically for Hip, Heart, Elbow, PRA1, PRA2, & Ichthyosis and they are clear of disease in the Golden Retreiver Breed.