Hi, my name is Eva and I came all the way from the Ukraine. I am the first female to become part of the Shades of Cream family. Anyone who meets me says I am an absolute sweetheart! If you pet me I collapse onto the floor waiting for more petting and much love as I sit in front of you and just smile for hours.   I have a very calm and laid back demeanor. I love to sit next to (or on top of!) anyone, but especially my owner, Papi. I stay by his side all day long and some may even say we are stuck like glue! I am friendly to everyone I meet and greet you right when you come through the door. I am such a family girl that I even let kids lay on me while we watch tv together!  I am due to have puppies at the end of June and I cannot wait to meet and love them. My puppies are sure to be just like me and I think everyone will fall right in love with them right away!  I have an outstanding pedigree.  I come from a long line of champions, including my parents.