Guardian homes information


My husband has retired and will be helping me to expand our new program with our dogs, it’s called “Guardian Family Homes”.  We have researched and decided this would be best for the dogs and us, since we are going to down size.  We won’t have enough space for all our puppies/dogs to stay with us so we are going to place some of our pups/dogs in Guardian Homes. 


We will choose the puppy or adult dog that has the best qualifies for their health and temperament and use them for our breeding program so their lines will  continue to breed these great pups. 


We do not want our puppies to stay in cages or crates all day long and have a lonely, sad life.  Instead, we are going to find loving, caring homes to place them in with qualified families at a small cost to them under the agreement of Shades of Cream Goldens. 


What expenses are the Guardian Family responsible for?


Our Guardian Home Families are responsible for the general routine of veterinary care and wellness of the Guardian puppy/dog. This means annual vaccines, feeding them a good quality dog food, grooming,  monthly heart worm prevention & flea/tick prevention.  Training such as walk on a leash, sit, down, off, stay and come.  Regular exercise and socialization, and most importantly all your love and care for them!


Shades of Cream Goldens will pay for all breeding expenses for the Guardian dog. 


What to expect when breeding our Guardian female & male Dogs?


The Guardian Family will notify the breeder, Shades of Cream Goldens, when our female begins her heat cycle. Our female dogs will be brought to us when she is in heat around day 14-21 of her cycle.   Guardian Families must not allow our female around any intact males during her heat cycle. 


When we know she was successfully bred by one of our males, which will take about a couple of days or so. She will than be returned to her guardian family.  She will remain with her guardian family during her pregnancy and one week before her due date, the Guardian Family will bring her to us, Shades of Cream Goldens, to have her pups. When the pups are weaned, around 5 to 6 weeks the female goes back home to her guardian family and the pups go to their furever homes at 8 weeks.  After all the pups have gone to their forever homes, Shades of Cream Goldens, will give the Guardian Family a “THANK YOU” for taking good care of our female and being part of our breeding program.  


Our males are only needed for breeding for a couple of days at Shades of Cream Goldens when the females are in their heat cycle.  Guardian Homes must not allow a male to breed other females, only Shades of Cream Goldens.  When a male is bred with one of our females and her pups go to their forever homes, Shades of Cream Goldens, will give the Guardian Family a “THANK YOU” for taking good care of our males and being part of our breeding program.  


Our Guardian Families get to enjoy the excitement of being a part of our breeding program, and seeing the offspring of their very own Guardian dog placed with families across the USA.  You will bring the same joy and happiness to others that your pup/dog has brought you. 


If you are interested in our new adventure, “Guardian Family Homes” please go to our “Guardian Home Application”.  Click on the Guardian Home tab at the top and then click the drop down box. 


Thank you for inquiring about our precious pups and adult dogs!